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Purkyňova 35g, Brno - Královo Pole | tel. 604 595 559

Jihomoravské nám. 1, Brno - Slatina | tel. 604 595 559

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Self-service laundry Speed Queen Laundry Eden and Slatina


Our laundromats Purkyňova and Slatina are open on 5.7. and 6.7. as usual.

About us


We are the same as you are – we love the smell and softness of freshly washed laundry dried preferably by the sun and lined by the summer breeze. We would like to provide such a feeling and comfort also to you. We have opened a new self-service laundromat SPEED QUEEN LAUNDRY EDEN aimed just for you!

Our washing machines and dryers are not intended only for daily laundry but they are perfect also for washing blankets, pillows, quilts, curtains, sleeping bags – simply everything what can be washed but not fit into home washing machine. Within one hour you may be satisfied and relaxed – and moreover, your laundry is clean, dry and fresh.

Brno – Královo Pole


Brno – Slatina


Laundry facilities


Our laundromat is equipped with the first-quality professional washing machines of the American producer Speed Queen that are used in laundromats around the world. High-quality detergent and fabric softener are automatically added to each washing. You don’t need to bring any laundry detergent. Washing machines and your laundry are continuously disinfected with a disinfectant on natural base.

At our laundomat the following machines are available:
3 washing machines – each up to 10 kg of laundry
2 washing machines – each up to 18 kg of laundry

2 dryers – each up to 14 kg of laundry
2 dryers – each up to 25 kg of laundry

The weight capacity of the machines doesn’t need to be filled completely. The volume of laundry is decisive. Bigger machines are suitable for bulky pieces of laundry.
There is a money changer for banknotes to tokens at the business premises (banknotes and coins are only accepted in Czech currency).
Our customers are welcome to enjoy a coffee machine and a free Wi-Fi access.
Wheelchair access is available at the premises.


Price of washing:


Price of washing:

10 kg washing machine – 125 CZK (washing time approx. 35 minutes)
18 kg washing machine – 175 CZK (washing time approx. 40 minutes)

Price of drying:

14 kg dryer – 50 CZK (drying time 15 minutes)
25 kg dryer – 60 CZK (drying time 15 minutes)

Drying time depends on the amount of laundry and the type of fabric. Drying time can be extended by inserting another coins BEFORE the end of the drying cycle. Or you can repeat the whole process if you find the laundry still damp. To achieve optimal drying results, we recommend to dry 20 – 30 minutes.

The last drying is recommended to start approx. 45 minutes before the end of opening hours.

Contact us


If you have any question, request or suggestion, please write us: sq.brno@post.cz